Welcome to the best era in music ever!
( well that’s our opinion )
And the best 60’s tribute band ever.
( well probably )
The sixtie’s gave us cult tv programmes from
Batman to Star Trek the Avengers to the Likely Lads and top music programmes like Juke Box Jury ,
Ready Steady Go and Top of the Pops.
Where the only good skirt was a short skirt and the only good radio station was a pirate station.


Pirate stations blasted out tunes from bands like
The Beatles , Kinks, Rolling Stones, Manfred Mann,
The Hollies etc while kids rushed home to catch their
favourite stars on Top of the Pops and Ready Steady Go...


The Tributes will provide the perfect live entertainment for
all your events, pubs, parties, wedding’s etc. 
The atmosphere created by this great 4 piece band cannot be beaten.
Close your eyes and you will be instantly transported back to the era that was the sixties.


Take a trip round our site to see why the tributes are the perfect choice for your venue or up and coming function, then, just contact us to book your trip back in time to the decade of your life.




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